Bettie Haute Couture


Bettie began her fashion designer career in the UK. After receiving her degree at University of the Arts London, Bettie worked for Alexander McQueen, where she opened her mind up to the sensitivity of colour, the stunning visual effects of textile patterns and the art of British bespoke tailoring. 

Bettie's philosophy is to create and design something long lasting and sustainable. In her collections “Ciao”, “Awaken”, “Realise” and "Eternity",Bettie sources her natural and sustainable fibres from a variety of high end fabric suppliers. All of these high quality fabrics are then carefully selected by Bettie. All four of these collections feature Bettie’s hand drawn patterns - a common favourite being a floral ink illustration that she created for “Awaken”. 

Other than this, Bettie designs paper pattern blocks according to the Zero Waste Pattern Cutting method, whereby she avoids wasting a single inch during the pattern making process, saving lots of material. This is best demonstrated in her “The Elements” collection where she draws inspiration from Bauhaus and modern architecture. All of her designs are defined by the structured and geometric look influenced by sustainable techniques. 

These generally androgynous fits are mixed with elements of femininity to express the tenderness of the female character while remaining empowered and confident. Bettie wants every woman who wears her designs to Be Unique, Be True.

 Be Unique, Be True


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