About Bettie



Bettie began her fashion designer career in the UK. After receiving her degree at University of the Arts London, Bettie worked for Alexander McQueen, where she opened her mind up to the sensitivity of colour, the stunning visual effects of textile patterns and the art of British bespoke tailoring.

Bettie revels in the edgy juxtaposition of a forward-thinking fashion narrative and a meticulous attention to artisanship. Bettie’s vision for tailor-made clothes is fulfilled through the respect for craftsmanship and sartorial traditions with an evocative expression of refined detailing. Her adept use of self-created patterns for suit jacket linings has imbued creative nuances with formal tailoring and personalised particularities of the bespoke experience. 

Born in China, Bettie lived her early life in Beijing followed by over a dozen years in England. Her creations are complemented with both Eastern and Western cultures. Minimalism, as her design style, is an effortless combination of modernity and elegance. Now Hong Kong-based, Bettie launched her eponymous fashion label “Bettie Haute Couture” and bespoke tailor store “Bettie Bespoke”.

The unconventional and asymmetric cuts that she applies as unique details onto her creations come from zero waste patterns inspired by modern architecture, which makes the silhouette surprisingly structured. The stitching at the four corners of the label on each garment represents the love Bettie has sewn into her designs. She hopes the bespoke tailoring experience brings her clients joy and comfort, as well as gives them a new way to express their unique personality.