Realise Collection

The inspiration for the ‘Realise Collection' comes from my perception of my own life experience. After the establishment of my own brand, I have experienced many things and met many people. It is different from when I was still a student. And I have more new knowledge and understanding of life. Be more aware of who you want to be, cherish your moments more, and realise what it all means to you.

‘I realise the way that I wanted to be, I realise the moment that belong to me, and I realise the fact that mean to me.’

The material in this collection also using wool and silk, which are in line with the theme of environmental protection and sustainability. The colours and graphics of hand-painted floral are inspired by the nature, and the mind returns to nature. In the most peaceful state, you realise the meaning of life to yourself.

*All items also available in our Boutique