Eternity Collection

Black and White combine and create the contrast in this collection

This 'Eternity' reflects the designer’s thoughts about the pandemic. Life will be tested at different times, the distance between people has been widened, and everything is changing quietly.

‘Black’ is like the difficulties and setbacks that we are facing now, and ‘White’ represents hope. Good times and bad times make us grow and become stronger. I believe that one day, ‘Black’ will gradually fade away, and ‘White’ is like the dawn, and will become a new beginning of life. The current pandemic is also related to the natural environment, which I also wanted to raise out the awareness of health and environmental protection. This collection continues with the concept of eco-friendly and sustainability. We are choosing merino wool and silk as the main material. Tailoring method continues the concept of zero-waste pattern cutting, we want to make fashion more sustainable and greener. Black and white are the most primitive colours, they represent classic and lasting forever

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