Bettie x The Billie

Bettie Haute Couture teamed up with The Billie Upcycling and Novetex Textiles Limited to create its first knitwear capsule, incorporating recycled fibres into our SS23 Eternity Collection.

Australian wool and recycled cotton upcycled yarn was used to create geometric pattern turtle neck top, wide-leg pants, mid-length dress and double faced shawl.

Cooperation between designers and yarn and fabric manufacturers is crucial to realize environmental protection and sustainable fashion. Developed by Novetex Textiles Limited, the patented system is almost entirely automated, thereby reducing the high labour costs associated with textile recycling.



The Billie System provides an innovative way for brands and companies looking to revive excess inventory,unused raw materials, or textile waste, mainly made from natural fibers.

While most recycling processes require high volumes of water and chemicals to make useable yarns,The Billie System combines new and existing technologies to create a waterless solution for recycling textile waste, lowering harmful effects to the environment. This mechanical recycling system does not consume water or produce chemical waste.

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