Bettie x Roganic

First cross industry collaboration

When Fashion meets the F&B. The new uniforms at Roganic Hong Kong are designed with the restaurant’s core ethos of sustainability in mind. Brought to life in collaboration with a U.K based Michelin one star and one Green Michelin Star restaurant, Roganic. The most pieces are created with sustainable material, such as biodegradable wool.  
A long-time regular and friend of Roganic Hong Kong, Bettie fell in love with the food and the brand’s efforts in sustainability, from responsible food sourcing to the use of repurposed materials across the restaurant. Bettie shares a similar ethos in her tailoring business, which stems from her study of sustainable fashion and its various applied techniques at University of the Arts London. The common interest and beliefs in sustainability flourished into a partnership, when the Roganic team sought out advice for upcoming sustainable fashion trends in suit.

Bettie naturally selected olive green to be the main colour scheme across the uniforms, a sophisticated contrast against the off-white colour 100% cotton shirts. Tops are paired with cotton and recycled polyester pants fastened with horn buttons, designed to be as breathable as possible for Hong Kong’s humid weather. In elegant contrast to the off-white shirts, the new suit jackets feature a contemporary design in olive green tones, while the lining features an original kaleidoscopic design and the motif (“Evergreen Soul”) inspired by the tree pattern found at Roganic Hong Kong’s entrance, Bettie also express the healing power of nature into her design  The manager’s blazer, created with environment safety-certified materials from the UK based mills, a Eco-Traveller Series, is composed of 100% biodegradable wool.