Bettie Bespoke


Bettie began her fashion designer career in the UK. After receiving her degree at University of the Arts London, Bettie worked for Alexander McQueen, where she opened her mind up to the sensitivity of colour, the stunning visual effects of textile patterns and the art of British bespoke tailoring. 

Bettie Bespoke is Bettie’s menswear brand that focuses on tailoring suits. Her contemporary design combined with her traditional craftsmanship create a formal yet stylish look. Although most of her clients come from corporate settings, she hopes that she can give them a suit that has a pop of their personality. Throughout the process of designing the suit, Bettie works closely with her clients to give them a welcoming and bespoke experience.

Sustainable and ethical practice is imperative in Bettie’s craftsmanship. Many of her designs use timeless patterns such as pinstripes and glen plaid to ensure that her clients can wear them to many different occasions. Furthermore, Bettie only uses high quality natural fibres in her designs. For example, she sources her fabrics from Holland and Sherry, who are well-known for their exceptional artisanship, ethics and integrity.

The way Bettie works with colours and hand drawn patterns is a strength she highlights in her designs. They establish her as a unique and personalised brand. Ironically, her inspiration for her colourful lining was the lack of it. Bettie’s idea was to create a suit that makes her customers feel confident and individual in a sea of plain navy and black suits. Each client has a story behind what pattern they chose - be it the name of the pattern, the meaning it brings them, or simply the aesthetic. 

What is most important to Bettie is that her suits provide joy, relief and a journey that customers can partake in to create a bespoke work of art. 

Bettie Bespoke, Tailored Just For You


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